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Business Success theme makes customization easy and fun. The theme comes with 7 preset styles.

  • SEO Friendly
  • 7 Preset Styles (demo)
  • Cufon Fonts
  • prettyPhoto Included for Images and Galleries, video and flash
  • Flexible Home Page Layout
  • Sidebar Position Control (left or right)
  • 2D or 3D Layout
  • Unobtrusive Menu
  • 960 Grid System
  • Contact Page, Business Contact fields and E-mail form with North American phone number validation (optional)
  • Portfolio Section
  • Easy to Apply Typography Styles
  • Fully Layered PSD Files for All 7 Styles
  • Valid XHTML / CSS markup - has been tested on IE6 , IE7, IE8 , Firefox 2, Firefox 3+, Safari, Chrome, Opera.
  • Cross browser support
  • Choose From 28 Different Transition Effects for the Header Slider
  • IE6 PNG fix

Contact page

  • Pre-formatted Business Contact Fields provide a way to better display additional contact information such as Company Name, Address, Phone, etc.
  • E-mail form with jQuery form validation. In addition North American phone number validation could be enabled/disabled.

Portfolio section

Nicely formatted Portfolio section to display your work. Photos, video, flash, etc. could be displayed with the help some jQuery hover effect and prettyPhoto.


Refer to the Typography page for examples.

960 Grid system

This theme has been designed with the help of the 960-grid system – more info here

Unobtrusive Menu

Works if JavaScript is disabled. Multi-level deep support.

Help included with the documentation

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Important: This demo is purely for demonstration purposes and all the content are designed to showcase the Business Success WP theme on a live site. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.

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